Mindful Parenting

It is possible to cultivate a way to parent mindfully — aware of our own feelings and emotions, aware of how our mental states change when our children behave in particular ways, and aware of how we react to these feelings. As we become more aware of these stressful mindstates, they lose their ability to control us. We find that we begin to respond more appropriately to our children and are better able to meet their needs. We find that our responses are based less on our own emotions and more on what our children really need in the moment. With mindful parenting, communication improves. We feel more connected to our children, provide them with greater space for growth, and are more at peace with ourselves.

This group meets to meditate together, check-in, and to reflect on and discuss inspirational passages from various sources. The aim is to support each other in our efforts to increase self-awareness, as well as to increase our ability to be present for our children, acting from an increasingly skillful place.

We are currently forming a new Mindful Parenting group. If you are interested in taking part, please contact us: