Introduction to Vipassana (Insight) Meditation

Insight Meditation of Cleveland (IMC) is offering an introduction to meditation and Buddhist philosophy for anyone who is new to meditation or who wants to refresh their understanding and practice. The program consists of seven sessions, each intended to last one and a half hours. Every session will consist of guided meditations and a presentation on a fundamental teaching. The seven sessions are intended to build upon each other, but each can stand alone so that one can join any session without feeling lost. These sessions will be offered via Zoom by various members of the IMC Dharma Council.

There is no charge for the class, but registration is required. Click here to register.

In-Person Meditation

For the duration of the pandemic, Insight Meditation Cleveland will offer occasional in-person, outdoor meditation sits/discussions, weather permitting.

These meetings provide plenty of room for social distancing. Please wear a mask and bring your own chair, water, insect repellent and anything else that you think you might need.

See our calendar for details and join our mailing list to be notified of upcoming meetings.

Mindful Parenting

The Mindful Parenting group is meets once a month on the fourth Tuesday at 7:30-9:00 p.m. We are currently reading and discussing the book, "Say What You Mean" by Oren Jay Sofer. If there is sufficient interest, other groups may be added depending on day/time needs. You can sign up here.

Mentoring Program

Insight Meditation Cleveland is offering a mentoring program. Experienced meditation practitioners (mentors) give guidance and instruction on basic meditation techniques and tools to help practitioners (mentees) establish, maintain or deepen a daily meditation practice. The program is free. Details and applications are available at IMC sitting group locations.

If you are interested, please fill out this application.