The Head/Heart/Gut Meditation Retreat

with Amita Schmidt

Hosted by Insight Meditation Cleveland at the

Jesuit Retreat Center in Parma, OH

October 12-14, 2018


Insight Meditation of Cleveland will be sponsoring a 3-day meditation retreat at The Jesuit Retreat House in Parma, Ohio, over the weekend of October 12, 13, and14, 2018. The theme for this retreat is The Head/Heart/Gut Meditation Retreat.  In meditation we hear the teaching with our head, practice from the heart, and live from the gut.  This retreat will emphasize living from embodied truth. Rather than live from the 10% that is our head, we will explore how to bring the silence and focus of meditation down into the gut, or essence of our being.  This silent retreat will be led by Amita Schmidt and will have periods of sitting, walking, questions and dharma teaching.

Mindful Parenting

Our mindful parenting group and program was on break for the summer, but we hope to get it going again in the fall. Details will follow soon.  You will receive the details if you are on the Mindful Parenting email list. You can sign up here.

Mentoring Program

Insight Meditation Cleveland is offering a mentoring program. Experienced meditation practitioners (mentors) give guidance and instruction on basic meditation techniques and tools to help practitioners (mentees) establish, maintain or deepen a daily meditation practice. The program is free. Details and applications are available at IMC sitting group locations.

Other retreats

The Body/Mind Connection

with Bhante Rahula

Hosted by Pittsburgh Buddhist Center

Natrona Heights, PA

September 28-30, 2018


This annual retreat will integrate mindfulness meditation in sitting, standing and walking periods with simple yoga stretches to help cultivate a sustained awareness of body and mind. Basic instructions, guided meditation and Dhamma talks on the theme will be included.


It is open to practitioners of all levels


No accommodation is available on site but several hotels and motels are nearby. Vegetarian lunch and refreshments will be served daily Registration is free but donations will certainly be appreciated.

Awakening with Insight

with Shaila Catherine

Hosted by Still Mountain Meditation at the

Weber Retreat and Conference Center in Adrian, MI

October 22-28, 2018


This silent meditation retreat will emphasize a balance of mindfulness,

concentration, and investigation. Instructions will encourage

mindfulness of breath, body, and mind to enhance the potential for

liberating insight.


Four Foundations of Mindfulness

with Rebecca Bradshaw

Hosted by Yellow Springs Dharma Center

Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford, OH

May 3-10, 2019


In this silent meditation retreat, open to both beginning and experienced meditators, we will explore how to be mindful and what to be mindful of in a way that leads to freeing our hearts and minds from contraction and suffering. Bringing in mindful movement and loving kindness meditation we will ground our practice in compassionate presence.