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Weekend Vipassana Retreat

October 18-20, 2019

Jesuit Retreat House

5629 State Road

Parma, OH 44134



Dependent Origination

with Carol Blotter

What makes me tick?  Why do I keep getting caught up in behaviors that create so much suffering?  Who am I really?  If there is no self, who is suffering?

If you have wondered about these or other questions around how to break the patterns that cause suffering, then consider joining us for the upcoming retreat on Dependent Origination (also known as the Law of Conditionality).

This important teaching explains the creation of suffering as a looping chain of events that perpetuates craving and the illusion of a self.  During this weekend retreat, we will discern how this dependently originated cycle occurs and how we get stuck in perpetuating the sense of unsatisfactoriness and the illusion of an independent permanent self.  We'll also explore ways to break the cycle.

About Carol

Carol Blotter has led more than 70 retreats across the United States and has taught meditation to spiritual seekers, schools, universities and medical groups over the last 18 years. Her 25+ years practice and study has led to a blending of Insight (Vipassana) Meditation and non-duality teachings.


About the Retreat

The retreat will be silent. It begins on Friday evening and concludes after lunch on Sunday. Meals include supper on Friday; breakfast, lunch and supper on Saturday; breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Meals are vegetarian. Please bring a meditation cushion or bench if you have one available. A very limited supply will be available at the retreat.

This year we are offering three levels of registration fees:

- $195 – covers accommodations and meals at Jesuit Retreat House (JRH)

- $210 – covers JRH costs and helps cover teacher expenses

- $225 – covers JRH costs, helps cover teacher expenses, and helps with our scholarship fund

Due to the generosity of our sangha members, there is a scholarship fund available for part or all of your payment if needed. Just let us know when you register. Please do not let money deter your from attending the retreat. If you can afford it, please consider a donation to help with our scholarship funds.

The Buddha’s teachings are considered to be priceless and are therefore offered freely. The registration fee does not cover any payment to the teacher. Meditation teachers in this tradition can continue their work only through voluntary donations of their students. This practice of dana (generosity) is an integral part of the retreat experience.