~ May all beings be free from suffering ~ Other Sanghas

Chelsea Meditation  – Chelsea, Michigan

Meditation, retreats, classes.

Insight Fort Wayne – Fort Wayne, Indiana

Meditation, retreats, classes.

Insight Meditation of Cleveland supports meditation and mindfulness practices based on the teachings of the Buddha, regardless of which tradition is practiced.  These links are to other sanghas outside of the Northeast Ohio area.

Still Mountain Meditation – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Meditation, retreats, classes.

Yellow Springs Dharma Center– Yellow Springs, Ohio

Supports practice in three Buddhist traditions: Vipassana, Vajrayana, and Zen

Other Links of Value

Parent Giving – Living a Healthier Life with Tai Chi  - This site provides information on the benefits of Tai Chi and helps you get started with a practice.  This link was found and brought to us by a youth group that has been researching health and fitness sites on the web.  We thank them for providing it to us.

Tri-State Dharma – Cincinnati, Ohio

Meditation, retreats, classes for the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.